Design Build Project in Jacksonville, FL


You could hire a typical construction company, but why? The Rose Group, LLC provides so much more at fair pricing. We work as a team on your design-build project in Jacksonville, FL, to deliver cost-effective and turnkey solutions. As the building owner, you select the architect and contractor as a team that works in tandem with one point-of-contact person for the project.

The team effort begins with the initial design concept and continues throughout the entire project—from the design phase through construction to completion. In addition to saving time and money, our method promotes collaboration between the owners, designers, and builders. By providing ongoing construction management, we execute your design-build construction project all the way to a final client walk-thru.

What Is Design-Build Construction?

Design-build is quickly becoming the preferred method of delivery for many building owners. The reason is that the benefits include shortened project schedules, reduction in project costs, and higher-quality deliverables. For your project, our general contracting firm is responsible for the design, pre-construction, and the construction stages of the project. Design-build is often referred to as “turn-key,” because the general contractor, design team, and owner work together as one early in the design phases of the project.

Once the finalized architectural design is completed, we provide a detailed proposal for the completion of your project. After we have agreed on the scope of work, specifications, and price, your design work and proposal is passed to one of our project managers for proper permitting and scheduling. Your project manager is charged with executing your design-build construction project all the way to a final client walk-thru. A few of the previous design-build jobs we’ve completed include:


Kennedy Community Center

City Of Jacksonville

Hurricane Damage Mitigation
Reroofing & Waterproofing
Water Damage Repairs
Design-Build Construction Delivery Method
Final Design & Drawings
Specifications & Permitting
Labor, Equipment, & Materials
Re-Roofing, Waterproofing, & Water Damage Repairs
ADA Improvements
Repair of Exterior Reinforced Concrete
Brick Exterior Repair of the Kennedy Community Center & Gymnasium


Contact us for more information about our residential and commercial design-build services. We proudly serve clients in Jacksonville, as well as northeast Florida and southeast Georgia.